Living With Wildlife Film - Canmore, AB
May 03, 2017

The Bow Valley is the busiest place in the world where people and grizzly bears still coexist. ‘Living with Wildlife’ is the story of how communities in the Bow Valley of Alberta, Canada have come together over the past 20 years to live with grizzly bears and other wildlife. The film takes a realistic look at the challenges and the constant pressures wildlife face.

"The film shows how a kind of paradigm shift needs to happen with recreation in the valley. People need to be aware of seasonal wildlife sensitivities and plan their activities accordingly. Last summer was a great example of how bears needed space because the buffalo berry crop was so good,” says John Paczkowski, Ecologist with Alberta Environment and Parks, “there were many bear closures during that time and for the most part people respected them. People realized it was much easier for them to accommodate bears at that time of year rather than the other way around."

Partners on this project include The Calgary Foundation, Town of Canmore, Alberta Environment and Parks, Yellowstone to Yukon, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and a handful of private donors.

To view the Living with Wildlife film, go to the following link:
Living With Wildlife

Living in the Natural Environment
Feb 02, 2018

Living in the Natural Environment brings together members of the rural and small urban community, government, and non-agricultural rural residents to gather and initiate discussion. Topics are intended to be thought provoking, interesting and relevant to the surrounding landscape and the people that live there.

This event will be taking place on February 2, 2018 at the Cochrane RancheHouse. Tickets include 2 informative presentations, a delicious prime rib dinner, trade show displays and cash bar.

Tickets are $40 each (non-refundable) and can be purchased by calling the MD of Bighorn office at 403-673-3611. Deadline for tickets sales is January 24th.

Itinerary for February 2, 2018:
4 pm - Doors Open, trade show displays are available for viewing
5 pm - First Presentation - Wild Bee Diversity in Alberta - Megan Evans
6:30 pm - Dinner
8 pm - Second Presentation - Sharing the Range: Carnivores and Communities in SW Alberta - Dr. Andrea Morehouse

For more details, checkout the Municipal District of Bighorn website at: MD Bighorn

People & Predators - Sharing the Landscape
Feb 22, 2018

People and Predators: Sharing the Landscape

Thursday, February 22, 2018
9 am to 3 pm
Cremona Community Hall - 302 Centre Street
Free - lunch is provided

Join us for an interesting and educational session to discuss the challenges of sharing the landscape with various predators and wildlife. Learn about strategies to avoid and minimize human-wildlife conflicts and to understand why these conflicts occur.

Registration is required by February 20, 2018
To register, please visit eventbrite

For more details, checkout the Municipal District of Bighorn website at: MD Bighorn

For more information please contact:
Andrew Richmond at tel:403.673.3611 ext.241
or Chad Verpy at tel: 403.559.741

Bear & Cougar Awareness/Safety Presentation
Mar 01, 2018

Whether you are hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting in bear country, or working in an industry that requires you to work in bear country, you need to be aware of what to do in the event of a bear sighting or encounter.

Mountain View BearSmart Society volunteers are able to deliver presentations to the public and industry on the BearSmart program, bear and cougar biology, and human/wildlife safety. We can customize a presentation to any grade level for your school, to your employees in the office or the field, or to your community group. The quality of our presentations has been upgraded by the purchase of new audio/visual equipment through the generous funding of the Community Spirit Program from Alberta Culture and Community Spirit.

Mountain View BearSmart Society also offers certificates in Bear Awareness Training. Learn how best to handle a bear encounter using the knowledge and experiences of experts from the field. Our Chairman, Paul Fraser, is a certified Professional Biologist (Alberta Society of Professional Biologists) and a certified Bear Awareness instructor (Accident Incident Prevention). He has over 26 years experience as a wildlife biologist, specializing in working with large mammals. He is able to conduct Bear Awareness Training to provide the most recent available information on bear identification, avoidance, and awareness for members of the public and industry alike. This course, which is CSA and SUNCOR approved, and AIP certified, includes both classroom theory and outdoor practical exercises (proper use of bear spray). The certificate is valid for 3 years.

If you'd like to arrange a presentation, contact us at

In addition to the presentations made to the Sundre, Cremona and Didsbury schools during our Annual Bear Awareness Week, we have done presentations to the Dickson Fish and Game Association, Sunpine Sundre, Shell Fallen Timber Plant, Shell Caroline Plant, Cottonwood Cougars Junior Forest Wardens, Milestone Oilfield Services, Olds Search and Rescue, Didsbury Search and Rescue, Brazeau County Search and Rescue, Mountain View County employee health and safety day, Bergen Springs Community Association, Sundre Hiking Club, Wild Sheep Foundation youth camp, ConocoPhillips Safety Meeting, Bergen Cub Jamboree, Cochrane Humane Society Kids Camp, Village of Burnstick Lake, and Foster Parents Alberta summer camp.

We also set up our display booth and distribute educational materials at the annual SPOG's Neighbour Day in September in Sundre, Living in the Natural Environment event in February in Cochrane, Safety Day in May in Rocky Mountain House; and Rural Crime Watch Trade Show in May in Olds.

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For all public safety emergencies call 9-1-1
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