Bear Activity Report
Sightings in the Past Week

Grizzly Bear Sighting
Apr 26, 2017
On the morning of Apr 26, grizzly bear tracks were seen on a driveway and in the snow near a residence, SW of Bergen. (info from local land owner)



Sightings Older Than One Week

Black Bear Sighting
Mar 25, 2017
On approximately Mar 22, a black bear was seen west of Water Valley. (info from local land owner)

Cougar Sighting
Mar 09, 2017
On the afternoon of Mar 9, cougar tracks were seen in the snow crossing through 2 quarters, north of the Bearberry Saloon. (info from local land owners)

If the presence of a bear, or any other wildlife, is a public safety concern:

1. Please call a Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Fish & Wildlife office near you. In Sundre, the number is 403-638-3805, in Olds, the number is 403-556-4256, or call 310-0000 toll-free for the nearest office. After hours, call the 24-hour toll-free Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

2. Then let us know. Send us an email to with the subject line "Bear Sighting" and include the following information:

  • date, place and time of the sighting.
  • species - grizzly bear, black bear or cougar, elk, etc.
  • what the animal was doing at the time - eating, passing through, in the garbage, etc.
  • your name and contact information (all personal information will remain confidential)

If possible, include information on:

  • the number of animals seen - whether male or female; with or without cubs
  • detailed information about your area - whether it's residential, rural, acreage, urban, or industrial facility; GPS coordinates would be great if possible; was the animal close to house, barn, livestock, pets, etc
Report any bear activity to the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development field office near you Then let us know...
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For all public safety emergencies call 9-1-1
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